Campus Day 2017








What is it?

An event designed specifically for High School Juniors and Seniors and our current students. We want juniors and seniors to know what it's like to be a USC Sumter student for a day. We personally invite high school students to the campus and make sure they get to sit in on a class that interests them. We give them a campus tour and show them what USC Sumter has to offer. Then, we end the day with a Campus Cookout for both the high school students and our current USC Sumter Students.


This Cookout comes complete with games, a DJ, a magician, prizes, a photo booth and more! It's our usual way of ending the semester and showing our students, and high school students, how much they are appreciated and how fun it is here at USC Sumter!


When is it?

Friday, April 21, 2017

9 a.m. - 2 p.m. - for High School Students*
*Must be present the entire time

12 p.m. - for current students

Where is it?

USC Sumter Campus

How do I sign up?

Juniors and Seniors, ask your guidance counselor how to register for the event. For more information, call USC Sumter Admissions at 803-938-3726.

Games, prizes, DJ, Food!




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