Campus Recreation

We want you!  Campus Recreation invites you to be a part of our exciting programs and activities.

Campus Recreation is all about you and your interests. Our desire is to offer you a variety of activities designed for your benefit and enjoyment. Please take advantage of as many activities as possible.

Some of our activities include intramural sports leagues, outdoor recreation, individual intramural sports, tournaments and special events.  Information concerning intramurals and recreation is posted on various bulletin boards around campus, but the main source of information is in the Nettles Building.  Basketballs, racquetball rackets, footballs, soccer balls, tennis rackets, as well as an array of outdoor equipment are available for your use free of charge.  However, there are fees for lost or damaged equipment.

Participation in campus recreation programs is a purely voluntary activity and individuals participate at their own risk. Participants should be aware of the possibilities of bodily injury and should understand that they are responsible for any and all costs arising out of injury or property damage sustained through participation.