Campus Art Galleries

USC Sumter has five art galleries that are open to the public. They are all located at USC Sumter, 200 Miller Road, Sumter, S.C. The hours for each gallery are listed with its current information.


The Upstairs Gallery

Location: Second floor, Williams-Brice-Edwards Administration Building
Hours: M-F, 8:30 a.m. -5 p.m.

Upstairs Gallery


Clay Wire Metal Glass

The University of South Carolina Sumter will feature Marjorie Hooks' Clay Wire Metal Glass through January 30, 2015 in the Upstairs Gallery.

Hooks was born in McPherson, Kansas, in 1946. Raised in Fayetteville, Arkansas, she attended and studied art at the university there. She is mostly self-taught in a variety of non-traditional media, but has studied painting under local artists Jay Bardin, Rose Metz, Bobbi Adams and pottery from Marcia Bugg. After moving to Mayesville, South Carolina, in 1968, she taught art at Hillcrest High School, as well as offered private art lessons. She was instrumental in developing the lower school art program in a local private school and has taught Art Camp through the Sumter Gallery of Art.

“Traveling and having opportunities to experience art venues around the country have inspired me to experiment in new and challenging mediums. I am always looking for subject matter in nature, publications, movies, but very often, ideas come to me in sleepless nights. My artwork is meant to be thought provoking, but not taken too seriously; engaging, but mostly entertaining. I have no deep philosophy to present. I only want to record and share my interpretation of some “thing” that has intrigued me. I hope each piece I create will give a smile or an “aha” moment,” says Hooks.

The Umpteenth Gallery

Location:  Arts & Letters Building
Hours: M-F, 8:30 a.m. -5 p.m.


Water Colors


"water colors"


The University of South Carolina Sumter will feature “water colors” by Margaret van Bulck Smith in the Umpteenth Gallery through December 15, 2014. The exhibit is free and open to the public.

Originally from Sumter, Smith is an award-winning fine-art nature photographer with a career spanning academia, photography, public accounting and economics. She conducts photography workshops and is an adjunct instructor at Central Carolina Technical College. Her photographs and essays have been published regionally and nationally.

Smith’s work has won regional, national and international awards and has been exhibited in a wide variety of venues. Her current work involves printing large-scale (40" x 60") images of water reflections on paired layers of charmeuse and chiffon with acid-dye inks.  She also works with encaustic to create tactile images of intimate ocean encounters and enjoys printing on metal and metal leaf, working with Van Dyke Brown, image transfers and various other alternative processes.
“ I have been drawn to water for as long as I can remember. It is all around us.  It is in the air that we breathe, it is under the ground where we walk, it is in the oceans, lakes, swamps, and marshes on this round ball we all call home. It has been a part of us since conception.  Semen carrying the sperm that generates new life is 96 percent water.  The amniotic fluid surrounding that new life begins as 99 percent water.  The body at birth is approximately 75 percent water and remains around 60% for the rest of our lives.  Without water, life as we know it could not exist.  We may live for weeks or months without other nutrients, but without water, we can survive only a few days.  Water flows through our veins as the water on our planet flows through its rivers and streams. Science tells us we cannot survive without that amazing combination of hydrogen and oxygen. Yet, we take it for granted,” says Smith.

Smith is completing her Masters of Fine Art (MFA) in photography at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  She now resides in Bishopville and Pawleys Island.  She is married to Martin Smith, a retired principal from Florence, SC.  She has two grown children, Marc and Sydney van Bulck.


The University Gallery

Location: Anderson Library, the library is located behind the Administration building and the center of the campus.
Hours: M-F, 8:30 a.m. -5 p.m.


The William J. Reynolds Gallery

Location: Second Floor, Williams-Brice-Edwards Administration Building
Hours: M-F, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

The William J. Reynolds Gallery contains a permanent collection of aerospace art donated to the University by the Reynolds family.


The Uber Gallery

Location: Nettles Building Foyer
Hours: M-F, 8:30 a.m. -5 p.m.

The Über Gallery is home to fifteen John Audubon wildlife lithographs and two Jeremiah Miller murals done at either end which are 6ft x 20ft in size and fifteen feet in the air.


For more information on these galleries, contact either Professor Cara-lin Getty, USC Sumter’s director of galleries and curator of exhibits by calling 938-3727, or Laurel Jordan, galleries and exhibits assistant at 938-3801, weekdays.