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The Audiovisual Advisory Committee (AVAC) serves as an advisory committee to the Dean of the University. The committee helps determine the audiovisual equipment, supplies, and ongoing support needs of the institution through regular inventory review, the review of academic and administrative unit plans for the use of audiovisual resources, and by advisory review of all audiovisual equipment and supplies purchase requests. It assists in the development of the annual audiovisual budget for academic and administrative functions, as supported by proceeds from the technology fee, and as administered within the larger budget for the Anderson Library.

As part of the audiovisual annual budgeting process, the AVAC annually will rank order all the audiovisual equipment, supplies, and other support needs of the campus and make timely recommendations to the Dean of the University. In addition to the Dean of the University, this information also will be forwarded to the Head Librarian, the Assistant and Associate Deans, and the Budget, Planning, and Grants Director. Additional explanatory comments and justifications may be attached to the rank order recommendations.

The AVAC will develop a five-year plan for audiovisual equipment and supplies acquisition for use in support USC Sumter's mission, goals, and operations. The plan will address classroom, laboratory, faculty, administrative, and associated support, and will be forwarded to the Long-Range Planning Committee (LRPC) for consideration and coordination. Assuming adequate projected funding from the technology fee, the plan or parts thereof should be incorporated into the long-range plan and recommended to the Dean of the University. The AVAC annually will update and revise the five-year plan as necessary.

As a Standing Institutional Committee, the sponsor of this Committee is the Dean of the University. The empowerment limits of the committee are to review and recommend to the Dean of the University, the Assistant and Associate Deans, the Head Librarian, the Budget, Planning, and Grants Director, and appropriate related working units and standing committees, and generally to advise the Dean of the University.



  • Library Staff Member (ex officio member and Chair; the individual designated as responsible for audiovisual equipment, supplies, and support)

  • Faculty Members (two; recommended by the Faculty Organization Chair to overlapping two-year terms)

  • Staff Members (two; recommended by the Staff Organization President to overlapping two-year terms; at least one will be an administrative assistant from an academic division)

  • Distance Education or Continuing Education Staff Member (one; recommended by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs to a two-year term)

  • Student (one; recommended by the Student Government Committee Chair to a one-year term)


The AVAC will meet as necessary. All members will have voting privileges. Other than the ex officio Chair, officers will be elected annually from among the current membership of the committee. Unanticipated vacancies on the committee will be filled as soon as reasonably possible upon recommendation by the responsible organization or individual, and will be for the duration of the unexpired term of the vacant position. All terms end on June 30 of the year indicated in the term of appointment. Except for ex officio members, all members of the committee serve voluntarily and at the pleasure of the Dean of the University. The committee will publish minutes of meetings, to be distributed to all faculty, staff, and student organizations, and other members of the campus community as requested or needed.

This document supersedes all previous charters, in whole or in part, for the Audiovisual Advisory Committee, including those dated August 22, 1996, July 24, 1997, and July 18, 2002.






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