Policy Manual



Websites hosted by USC Sumter

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Authorized by:

Assistant Dean for University Advancement 01/26/2010

Approved by:

Dean of the University 01/26/2010

I. USC Sumter allows employees and approved student organizations to have websites on a USC Sumter-provided server, within the limit of available resources. In addition, other academic as well as local cultural and civic organizations with which USC Sumter may be associated or desire to support, may also have websites provided by USC Sumter, but must have a USC Sumter faculty or staff as a sponsor. The website must be linked to the faculty or staff member's professional discipline to be considered. USC Sumter also provides websites for students taking certain classes which require the student to develop web pages as part of their course work. These sites are requested by the class instructor directly to the IT director, and are removed at the end of the semester for which the sites were requested. The class instructor is responsible for the content of the websites. The content of websites is not backed up. It is the responsibility of the website owner/sponsor to ensure that copies of the website content are maintained. Since all websites will have “uscsumter.edu” in the site name, the association of the site with USC Sumter is unavoidable and must be considered during the
approval/denial process.


II. Requesting a Website

All sites must be requested by the individual or the organization sponsors via the appropriate form through and approved by the Webmaster prior to creation, and must be reapproved annually. Access to the website via username and password will be provided to certain members of the organization and/or the person the requesting the site. Distribution of the information must be limited.

III.Content of Websites

Access and use of these resources is at the discretion of USC Sumter. This service is provided with an expectation of responsible and acceptable use including content of external sites where such links are provided. Individual users/organization sponsors assume full legal responsibility for content of their Web pages, and must abide by all applicable University of South Carolina Sumter policies as well as local, state and federal laws, including copyrights. All posted pages will be appended with the following statement: The views and opinions expressed in this page are strictly those of (name of website owner/organization). The contents of the page are periodically reviewed the University of South Carolina Sumter.

IV.Removal of Sites

Sites will be removed within 15 days after active employment ends, when the organization has been disbanded, when requested by the USC Sumter Webmaster, or when requested by the website owner/sponsor.


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