Advisement FAQs

When will I know how much of my transfer work counts toward my USC degree?
We should receive a computer listing within the next 2 - 3 weeks showing which of your courses taken at your previous school(s) are transferable to USC and which USC courses are their equivalents. The department of your major (on the main campus) will answer questions about specific course equivalents that may be unclear on the computer listing. In the meantime, your advisor at USC Sumter will list on your advisement form ONLY those courses that you definitely have NOT yet taken and still need for your major.

My math course from Ohio State Univ. was not accepted by my current major, and I think it should. What do I need to do?
Bring in some type of description of the course you had--syllabus, catalog description, etc.—to your advisor and we will then forward it to the appropriate department, who will re-examine it to determine if it will count.

I am not sure what major I want to major in, where can I go to get some information?
Students are encouraged to check out DISCOVER, a computer based career-relevant interest, abilities, and job values program to help match students up with career options for them to consider. DISCOVER can be found on the computers in the Anderson Library and is free to students. If you would like you can save the results to a zip drive and do research at a later date.

Which is the easiest professor to take for English?
Even if advisors were allowed to give such opinions, it would be difficult and our answers would not be very reliable. The reason for this is that different personalities and teaching/learning styles are involved. Some students do well with one professor, while others do not. Your friend may think a certain professor is unclear, unfair, and unavailable; but you may take this professor's course and consider him just the opposite. Advisors are unable to predict how well a student will like a particular professor.

I plan to transfer to a school in Texas in a year. Will USC's courses transfer there?
You need to contact that school, get their general education requirements for your major, bring them to your advisor, and your advisor I will advise you for USC Sumter's equivalent courses for that school's requirements as long as you are here.

Will my financial aid cover courses I take in the summer?
Any questions pertaining to financial aid should be addressed to that office so that you can receive accurate answers.

I made an F in History 102; if I repeat the course next semester, will the new grade replace the F?
No, that is not the policy at USC. Both grades will be averaged in to your GPA.