The Advisement Center is committed to a developmental model of advisement services. We acknowledge that the primary purpose of the advising program is to assist students in the development and implementation of their educational plans. Through regular advisement appointments and the mutual responsibility of the advisor and student, the following goals will be attained:


  • The development of suitable educational plans.

  • Clarification of academic goals.

  • Selection of appropriate courses and other educational experiences.

  • Interpretation of academic requirements for the university.

  • Students made aware of all available resources.

  • Evaluation of student progress toward their degrees.

  • A framework from which to evaluate options and make decisions.

  • Insights into the student’s unique skills and abilities.

In return, our department asks for the following:


  • To be treated with courtesy and respect

  • That the individual take full responsibility for his or her decisions

  • That the individual embrace positive interactions with our office

  • Preparedness

  • Honesty




Contact Information


  • Administration Building Room 101


  • PHONE: 803-938-3800


  • FAX: 803-938-3819