Policy Manual



Use of University Motor Vehicles

Policy #:


Authorized by:

Associate Dean for Administrative and Financial Services 3/15/11

Approved by:

Dean of the University 3/15/11

I. Policy

A. Fleet

The Division of Law Enforcement and Safety, through the Department of Transportation Services, USC Columbia, is responsible for the purchase, assignment, management and maintenance of all University vehicles system-wide. Transportation Services follows the guide lines published in the State of South Carolina Division of Motor Vehicle Management Manual in accomplishing these responsibilities. (REF: LESA 4.00)

B. Driver Record Screening

All faculty, staff, and students are required by the State of South Carolina to have their driving record screened before being authorized to drive University vehicles. To be authorized, a current copy of one's driving record and a driver's license screening request form (TS-100) must be on file at Transportation Services. For information on how to obtain a form, contact the Business Office. Annually, at the beginning of the first summer school session, Transportation Services will issue to each department a list that contains all current drivingauthorizations of permanent employees. This list should be updated by either deleting former employees or adding new employees. In the case of new employees, a driving record and driving record request form must be accompanied with the department's update list. This policy does not pertain to part-time and student employees. Part-time and student employees must resubmit at the beginning of each school term a driving record and driving record request form. This information is maintained by the Business Office.

II. Procedure

A. Official Use

University vehicles may be used for official University business only. Normally, they may be used only during the hours of the University activity for which they have been reserved and assigned.

B. Reservations

A Travel Data Worksheet (available from the Business Office) must be submitted to reserve a vehicle, preferably two weeks prior to pick-up. Date and times noted on the Travel Date Worksheet must be followed explicitly since all reservations are made based on these schedules.

C. Vehicle Pick-Up

Vehicle keys are available for pick-up from the campus Mail Room, Monday through Friday, 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. All drivers are required to fill out the Monthly Trip Log (DMVM3-78), which is attached to the clipboard inside each vehicle. Also, the condition of the vehicle should be noted on the Driver's Responsibilities Card (DRC), obtained with the keys. Personal vehicles are not to be parked in the garage area while driving the State vehicle.

D. Vehicle Return

During office hours: Return the vehicle to the same parking place from which it was obtained. Complete the DMVM3-78 form and the DRC form. The clipboard with the DMVM3-78 form remains with the vehicle. The keys, credit card, and DRC should be returned to the garage or Mail Room. Before/After office hours: Return the vehicle to the same parking place from which it was obtained. Complete the DMVM3-78 form and the DRC form. The clipboard with the DMVM3-78 form remains with the vehicle. The keys, credit card, and DRC should be placed through the mail slot in the door of the Maintenance Office, Student Union Building.

E. Driver's Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure that the vehicle is returned in the same condition as before the trip. All vehicles must be returned with at least 1/2 tank of gas. All trash and personal items must be removed from vehicles. Any physical damage or mechanical problems must be noted on the DRC card.

NOTE: The DRC form acknowledges the condition of the vehicle before and after each use. Failure to maintain the vehicle as to any aspect of the DRC, is grounds for disciplinary action up to and including forfeiture of right to drive a University vehicle and/or collection of funds to cover costs of repair/replacement of damages.

F. Credit Cards

State law requires that all State vehicle motor fuels be purchased from State facilities except in cases where such purchase is impossible or not cost beneficial to the State. When in Columbia area, go to Transportation Service during the regular University hours for fuel and oil. A State of South Carolina credit card will be provided for vehicles travelling outside the Columbia area. The card may be used for fuel and repairs up to $50.00; amounts exceeding $50.00 must be approved by Transportation Services. A credit card should be used only for the vehicle to which it is assigned because the vehicle license tag and the vehicle number are embossed on the card.

If State facilities are not available, or cost beneficial (i.e., practical), any fuel and repair company may accept the State of South Carolina Credit Card; however, some individual attendants may refuse to accept payment via this card. To ensure payment using the credit card, verify acceptance with the attendant prior to receiving service. All approved drivers will be issued a driver ID number. This number is associated with your name for reporting purposes on fuel use. It is a unique number and it will be the only number that will allow you to fuel at retail or agency owned sites. In the event that a unique Driver ID has been forgotten or compromised, it will be retrieved or a new one will be provided to you by your agency contact. (USC Columbia, Vehicle Services, Chris Howard 803-777-9345 or Tracey Aldrich 803-777-3153)

G. Repair and Maintenance

If you encounter mechanical problems while a vehicle is in the Sumter area, return it to USC Sumter. While a vehicle is in the Columbia area, return it to Transportation Services for maintenance. When the vehicle is out of town, the State Credit Card may be used for minor repairs and service up to $50.00. Any purchase over $50.00 must be authorized by Transportation Services by calling (803)-777-4209. When out of town, at the first sign of vehicle malfunction, notify Transportation Services immediately. If Transportation Services is closed, contact the University Police Department at (803) 777-4215. This will ensure operator safety and vehicle longevity.

H. Smoking is not permitted in any University vehicle