Policy Manual



Use of High Tech Computer Room

Policy #:


Authorized by:

Associate Dean for Administrative and Financial Services 04/27/98

Approved by:

Dean of the University 6/1/98

  1. Policy

    The High Tech Computer Room (Anderson Library Room 215) is available to qualified faculty, staff, and students who are familiar with the proper use of the hardware and who have been approved by the Director of Computer Services and Communications (CSD).

  2. Procedures

    1. Keys to the High Tech Computer Room will be checked out from the Anderson Library circulation desk to qualified individuals with a valid ID. A set of keys to the room will be checked out on a short-term basis, although keys may be reserved overnight, for weekends, or for longer periods of time (at the discretion of the Anderson Library staff and CSD). A set of keys includes one key for the outside stairwells and a key to the High Tech Computer Room itself. At least one set of keys will be available in the Anderson Library for the short-term checkout of the room.

    2. NOTE: A key set that includes the outside door key WILL NOT be issued to a student for after hours entry, unless prior written approval from the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Services is obtained.

    3. Users will be taught how to effectively work the alarm system to the room by either the Library staff or CSD.

    4. The following restrictions apply to the use of the room:

      1. Users are prohibited from altering the system configuration of the hardware/software without the approval of the CSD.

      2. Users are prohibited from installing software without the prior approval of the CSD.

      3. Users are expected to save personal files to a personal data disk or to their networked drive.