Policy Manual



Computer Training

Policy #:


Authorized by:

Associate Dean for Administrative and Financial Services 02/08/96

Approved by:

Dean of the University 2/1/99


The CAC recognizes the need for the faculty and staff of USC Sumter to have access to formal computer training. We believe that the Computer Services Division (CSD) is responsible for providing this access. Relative to this training, it is important to note:

The training is not limited to any specific format (it could be one-on-one instruction, classes and/or workshops at USC Sumter, workshops at USC Columbia, information through the Internet, etc.).

The CSD staff is not required to actually teach classes or personally conduct workshops, neither are they restricted from these activities.

The CSD is responsible for responding to the need for training...this should involve identifying the needs for training and providing access to that training.

The CSD will need to monitor/sanction the training that occurs. "Experts" (on our faculty and staff) in the use of particular hardware and/or software should be identified by CSD. External sources of training (USC Columbia, programs on Internet, etc.) should also be identified.

Faculty and staff might be referred to the "experts" if appropriate. Sufficient need for a specific workshop could prompt the CSD to arrange for a "expert" to conduct a workshop. At any rate, the CSD would note the occurrence of scheduled programs or the availability of the "experts".

It is assumed that the library staff are de facto "experts" for providing training about library databases.

It is suggested that a central location for computer reference material be considered (applications manuals, etc.)

It is suggested that the CSD periodically make a formal report to the CAC about the status of training at this campus.