Policy Manual



Lost and Found

Policy #:


Authorized by:

Associate Dean for Administrative and Financial Services 04/28/98

Approved by:

Dean of the University 6/1/98

  1. During normal work hours, faculty and staff will turn in all Lost and Found articles to the receptionist, located in the lobby of the Administration Building.

  2. After hours, any custodian finding a lost or misplaced article will leave the item in the division assistant's office nearest to the point of discovery, along with a note containing any information that would be helpful in locating the owner. The item will then be brought, by the assistant, to the receptionist the following business day.

  3. In the event an article is found in the Anderson Library, Student Union Building, or the Nettles Building, the custodian will leave the article at the front circulation desk in the Library, reception area of Student Life in the Student Union Building, or at the receptionist desk in the lobby of the Nettles Building. The designated person from each of these buildings will bring the article to the receptionist the following business day.

  4. Articles containing no ownership identification will be held for three months. Articles containing identification will be held until the owner can be notified by the receptionist and instructed where to come to obtain the item. Unclaimed articles will become the property of the University after three months.

  5. Lost and Found signs will be posted in each campus building to inform students that this service is available.