Policy Manual



Office Space Assignment

Policy #:


Authorized by:

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs - 3/25/99

Approved by:

Dean of the University - 3/25/99


Ultimate control over assignment of all office space at USC Sumter rests with the Dean of the University. Coordination of faculty office assignment is delegated to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

Office space is assigned taking into consideration the interests of the campus as a whole. No faculty member or division has a right to any particular space.

Assignment of Space

Many factors influence the assignment of particular spaces. However, the following factors will be taken into consideration:

    1. The desirability that faculty who work together in a discipline or division be located relatively close to each other;

    2. The need of faculty members to be relatively close to other spaces they use frequently;

    3. The rank of the faculty member;

    4. The seniority of the faculty member;

    5. The needs of particular faculty members to have or use certain special kinds of spaces;

    6. The preferences of the faculty member;

    7. Other University priorities and concerns.

Other factors may also be considered.

Faculty Members Emeriti

USC Sumter will make every effort to provide office space for emeriti faculty, subject to availability of such space. There is no presumption that an emeritus/emerita faculty member will retain the offices he/she occupied prior to retirement or that the office will be private. Emeriti faculty or faculty whose retirement is announced and pending may request office space by submitting a written, signed request to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. It will be assumed that retiring faculty members who do not request space are not interested in maintaining an office on campus.


Office space may be reassigned at any time. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will make the assignments subject to approval by the Dean of the University. The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will confer with the Division Chairs affected concerning the spaces to be reassigned and the issues that need to be considered. The University will assist faculty members in relocating their offices and will ensure that all faculty offices are equipped with standard office equipment.

Priorities for Space

In the event that insufficient office space exists on campus, the following priority order usually will be observed in the assignment of faculty space:

    1. Tenured faculty in rank order;

    2. Tenure track but untenured faculty in rank order;

    3. Other full-time faculty in order of seniority;

    4. Special faculty members;

    5. Faculty members emeriti.

To the extent possible, full-time faculty members will be assigned private office space. Special faculty members and faculty members emeriti will probably be assigned shared space.