Policy Manual



Above Load Teaching by Staff

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Authorized by:

Dean of the University - 9/28/94

Approved by:

Dean of the University - 9/28/94

Regular full-time classified and unclassified staff members below the rank of Assistant/Associate Dean who are invited and/or desire to teach scheduled courses above load (courses that are not part of an individual's principal and regular staff duties), must secure written approval in advance from the Assistant/Associate Dean to whom they report. Such written approval will directly reference the individual, the academic term and applicable session within a term, the course(s), and class meeting schedule(s). Division Chairs will not make such offers to staff members except with the express understanding that such approval must be sought and secured. Request for such approval by the staff member, and granting of such approval by the applicable Assistant/Associate Dean, constitutes acknowledgment by both parties that the subject teaching duties will not interfere with the staff member's overall fulfillment of principal responsibilities and that any necessary accommodation of missed duties has been discussed and agreed to. Contracts confirming such offers will not be issued to staff members until appropriate written approval has been provided, and copies of such contracts will be provided to the staff member's immediate supervisor and Assistant/Associate Dean.