Policy Manual



Evaluation of Special Faculty Members

Policy #:


Authorized by:

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs - 3/23/00

Approved by:

Dean of the University - 4/13/00

I. USC Sumter evaluates all special faculty members every semester, including those teaching in off-campus locations. Special faculty members are evaluated primarily on the strength of their teaching. The goal of this evaluation is three-fold:

A. to ensure students are offered a high quality educational experience,

B. to ensure that special faculty members have access to all of the services of the University that he/she might need, and,

C. to provide a record on which to evaluate special faculty members for promotion in accordance with the policy #ACAD 300.

II. Division Chairs will collect for each course each semester the following information:

A. student evaluations of the course,

B. course syllabus,

C. the major tests or other major assignments given in the course, and,

D. the final exam (or alternative) given in the course.

III. At least once each year, Division Chairs will:

A. visit the class of each special faculty member and record his/her observations of the class for the file. In the case of new special faculty members, this visit will occur during the initial semester,???

B. complete the form "Annual Evaluation of Special Faculty Members." The original should be forwarded to the office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. A copy should be retained in the division offices. Normally this form should be completed at the beginning of the Spring Semester; and,

C. meet with the special faculty member to answer questions, to offer assistance, and to provide feedback on the special faculty member's performance. At this meeting the special faculty member will receive a copy of the evaluation and will be asked to sign the evaluation to indicate that he/she has received the copy. If a special faculty member is no longer actively teaching at USC Sumter, this step may be omitted.