Policy Manual



Foundation-Funded Faculty & Staff Professional Development

Policy #:


Authorized by:

Dean of the University 02/10/98

Approved by:

Dean of the University 8/14/02

  1. The Sumter Partnership of the University of South Carolina Educational Foundation (SPUSCEF) provides an endowment (hereinafter referred to as "the endowment") to support faculty and staff professional development at USC Sumter.

  2. Normal resources for faculty and staff professional development are provided in the USC Sumter operating budget ("A" funds). However, faculty and staff members may routinely apply for supplemental support for professional development from the endowment, as provided below.

  3. The Dean of the University, at his or her discretion, also may request support from the endowment for sabbatical leave for faculty.

  4. Any regular faculty or staff member (permanent or "slotted" employee) of USC Sumter may apply for this supplemental private funding to support professional development activities. Faculty/Staff Professional Development applications are integrated with and on the same form used for application for professional development support from operating budget funds.

  5. Completed applications will be submitted to the individuals' supervisors for review and recommendation. Supervisors will forward applications to their assistant/associate deans for review and recommendation. Assistant/associate deans will forward applications to the Assistant Dean for University Advancement for review and recommendation to a screening committee. The screening committee will consist of two regular faculty members recommended by the Faculty Organization, two regular classified staff members recommended by the Staff Organization, one representative recommended by SPUSCEF, and the Assistant Dean for University Advancement, ex officio, who will serve as Recording Secretary. The screening committee will forward recommendations to the Resource Allocation Committee of SPUSCEF, using the following evaluative criteria:


    1. Applications which do not meet the award guidelines will be disapproved or returned for revision and resubmission.

    2. Applications which are recommended for funding will be submitted to the Resource Allocation Committee of SPUSCEF in priority order, relative to the total amount of available funding, as well as the relative degree of responsibility and/or participation in the activity by the applicant.

    3. Applications will be evaluated in the context of the USC Sumter Mission/Statement of Purpose and the USC Sumter Institutional Goals, with preference given to professional development activities which will enhance the capabilities of the applicant towards fulfillment of USC Sumter's institutional vision, mission and goals.

  6. The Assistant/Associate Dean for University Advancement will inform the Dean of the University of committee decisions for purposes of notifying the applicants, and the Resource Allocation Committee will notify SPUSCEF of committee decisions as a matter of information.

  7. The Screening Committee will meet as frequently as necessary to review applications.

  8. Persons applying for Professional Development funding from SPUSCEF must provide original receipts and other such documentation that may be required to receive the funding, both for activities already completed and activities yet to be completed.