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Color Run 5k


The University of South Carolina Sumter Fire Ants Softball Program, along with Sumter 360, is excited to host Sumter’s first Color 5K this spring.

We want this to be a fun event for the entire community. In addition to that, we want to raise funds for the USC Sumter Fire Ants Softball Program to sustain future growth and continue to develop female athletes in our area.

On Saturday, May 3, 2014, we will work together to make this an event the entire community will remember and come back to each year.

: USC Sumter Nettles Building

Registration at 8:00 a.m., Event starts at 9:00 a.m.

Online Registration Shuts Down
Friday, May 2

Beginning Friday, May 2 at 12 p.m., registration will shut down on We WILL still accept registrations at the USC Sumter Nettles Building gymnasium. This is an effort to properly manage the race process. Registration Friday, May 2 will continue through 8 p.m. If you register Saturday, May 3 (the morning of the race) the registration price will increase $5 for the team and individual price.

Event Day Information


Parking will be available on the USC Sumter campus in the available parking lots and in designated areas. See the map for specific areas. Volunteers in bright, green "Staff" t-shirts will be directing traffic and assisting with parking.

Packet Pick-Up

Participants who have pre-registered for the race should pick up their race packets on Friday, May 2 from 12 p.m. - 8 p.m. at the USC Sumter Gymanasium in the Nettles Building. If you have not registered for the race but would like to, you may also register at this time and purchase sunglasses, wristbands, tutu's, t-shirts and other items for sale.


Indoor restrooms will be available in USC Sumter designated buildings and areas.

Available for purchase

We will have awesome neon sunglasses, bright colored wristbands, tutu's, t-shirts and more for sale the day before the race and at the race.

Map Route

Many have asked, so here is the route we will take. Along the route will be bombing stations and water stations.

Links (register here)

Facebook Event Page


Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Start out as clean as a whistle, then defy everything your mother taught you and just get dirty! Turn your new clean white shirt into a rainbow of colors! Your hair, arms, legs will beam with the colors of blue, green, pink, purple and yellow.  You'll love it so much you will want to stay that way all day!

Throughout the run, new explosions of color change the way you look until you cross the finish line and finalize your rainbow dream with music, fun  and a party with all of your closest friends. The best part is you have helped the Fire Ant Softball team for another year!

What is the "color"?
Well I'm glad you asked. This isn't just smoke and mirrors. This is non-toxic, non-rash-inducing, colored corn-starch. These blasts of starch will change your color, and your demeanor, but never your level of wellness.

How do I protect my sensitive areas from color?
Using the same tactics you use protect your “special parts” from the sun and wanton eyes. Clothing, for starters, works wonders for keeping your skin as soft, supple, and as unseen as a baby’s backside. Goggles, glasses, shirts, shorts, shoes, cooking aprons, hospital gowns, or radiation suits can be worn to protect you from the frequent blasts of color. Many runners like  to jazz things up and dress up for the day in tuttut's and other fun costumes!

How do I get clean?
Some people recommebd showering, for color we’d recommend soap, cold water, and perseverance...and another few suggestions:

  • If you’ve got light colored hair, it helps to use some leave-in conditioner, olive oil or coconut oil beforehand—think Wendy Peffercorn—oiling and lotioning, lotioning and oiling.

  • Goggles, glasses (aviator or other) to cover your eyes will help.

  • A bandanna never hurt anyone

  • After the race, get all the dry powder out of your hair, clothes, teeth, etc. before adding cold water.

  • It might take a few washes to get it out of your hair, but heck, just lather, rinse and repeat.

How do I keep the color in my shirt?
Your best bet is to never wash it and let the stink permeate through your house for decades. If that doesn't work for you, try the following suggestions, but be warned, they may not work as the color is made to come out of clothing: 1) Use spray adhesive post-race and let it dry before washing or 2) spray your shirt with vinegar, then iron it before washing.

What do I get with my registration?
You’ll receive a fabulous new t-shirt, a packet of awesome information,  a race bib, a totally righteous bombing bag, healthy options to chow down on after the race, a donation to Fire Ant athletics and some swag from our sponsors. These items can be picked up at our packet pick up before the race.

What’s the difference between team runners and individuals?
A team runner is a group of four or more and the cost is reduced. The cost is $30 until February 21 and $35 per person after February 21. An individual can race for $40.

What about kids?
Guess they can come - OF COURSE they can! This is a family event. Kids 12 and under are free. Strollers are welcome. Just remember to cover them from the color if you don't want them "bombed."

Can I just volunteer (Become part of the Color Bomb Squad)?
Absolutely! And you'll get a sweet T-Shirt as well. Please keep in mind that volunteers need to be at least 16 years old. Please contact Age Cataldo to volunteer.

How do I transfer my registration?
The website states that the registration is non refundable but registration is fully transferable. You can login to your account with your username and password to change your information to the new participant's information and click update. If registration is closed, you can take care of transfers in person at packet pick-up. You must contact us by email prior to your race day in order to transfer to another race/date.

Can I bring a pet?
Nope. Sorry - safer for pets to stay home.

Is the race timed?
Just try to finish before school starts on Monday! It is not a timed race. You can walk if you want to. Heck you can even dance the whole way through.  At the finish line you’ll be rewarded a fun party with a DJ and more color!

What if there is bad weather?
We're having fun rain or shine. If there is lightning, we'll postpone the race until we have been in the clear for 30 minutes. Check Facebook for weather status updates on race day.

How do I keep the color in my shirt?
Your best bet is to never wash it and just smell! If that doesn't work for you, try the following suggestions, but be warned, they may not work as the color is made to come out of clothing: 1) Use spray adhesive post-race and let it dry before washing or 2) spray your shirt with vinegar, then iron it before washing.

What should I bring?
You might want to bring something to wipe yourself off with after the race, just so your car isn't a colorful mess after! Although we do plan to have some blowers available to blow off the extra!



Download the flyer

Register for the race


Interested in Sponsoring the Race?

Check here for more information.

Need to talk to a real person?


Please contact

Age Cataldo
USC Sumter Fire Ants Softball Head Coach


Matt Miller
Sumter 360, Owner
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it






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