Policy Manual



Fire Drills

Policy #:


Authorized by:

Associate Dean for Administrative and Financial Services 04/27/98

Approved by:

Dean of the University 6/1/98


    The University requires that all "business occupancies" will have at least two (2) fire drills each year. 



    1. "Business occupancies" include faculty and staff offices, classrooms, laboratories, library, gymnasium, auditoriums, and other spaces which can be occupied. 

    2. Drills will be scheduled by the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Services with advance schedules being distributed to the dean, assistant/associate deans, department chairs, and other administrative unit supervisors. 

    3. Schedules may be modified when recommended by those receiving the advance schedule to allow minimum disruption of classes or other activities. 

    4. Drills will be conducted by the Maintenance Department in cooperation with the Building Supervisors.* The Maintenance Department is responsible for all required reports and coordination with other agencies concerning drills.

    5. Anytime an alarm sounds, do not think it is a drill. All alarms are real until you are notified otherwise. When the alarm sounds, you should immediately vacate your office and close the door. Do not lock your door, just close the door and walk to the nearest exit. Once outside, gather at your predetermined meeting area.