Policy Manual



Personal Web Servers

Policy #:


Authorized by:

Associate Dean for Administrative and Financial Services 05/26/02

Approved by:

Dean of the University 05/26/02

The purpose of this policy is to ensure the security and continued functionality of the USC Sumter local area network.

Any individual/department at USC Sumter desiring to install a web server on a computer connected to the USC Sumter local area network must have the approval of:

a. the applicable department chair or office head;
b. the Associate or Assistant Dean for the requester;
c. the Director of Computer Services;
d. the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Services;
e. the Dean of the Sumter campus;

prior to installing the server. In order to receive that approval, the individual/department must provide the following information as part of their request:

a. why the server is necessary
b. why existing web servers cannot be used
c. how long the server will be needed
d. what anticipated impact the server will have on network traffic
e. the type of logical access needed to the server (from within our local area network only, from any USC location, or from any internet address)
f. method of controlling physical access to the server
g. method of controlling logical access to the server (if necessary)
h. person(s) responsible for the server (need 24/7/365 availability)
i. where the server will be physically located
j. the type of information that will be provided by the server
k. the process by which the server software and security will be kept up-to-date
l. source of the hardware to be used
m. source of funds for any purchases
n. additional items needed, such as: additional network access lines, network cards, etc.

Additional information may be requested by any of the reviewing officials during the approval process.

It will be the responsibility of the user/manager of the web server to ensure that all security patches that apply to the operating system and software installed on the system are kept up-to-date to minimize the possibility of corruption of that server, other web servers, and/or the USC Sumter local area network (LAN) due to viruses, trojans, worms, or any other unauthorized access or user.

If the Director of Computer Services determines that any personal web server has an adverse impact on the USC Sumter local area network, authorization for that server may be revoked and the system will be physically removed from the USC Sumter network.