Policy Manual



Procurement Policy for Computer Hardware/Software

Policy #:


Authorized by:

Associate Dean for Administrative and Financial Services 04/21/92

Approved by:

Dean of the University

The procurement of computer hardware/software should, like other equipment/supply needs, be planned in advance. Funding for such purchases should be included in the annual institutional budget, to the extent that financial resources are available and there is justification for the hardware/software.


All requests for new computer hardware/software should be developed at the supervisory level and submitted to the appropriate dean (following the organizational chart). These should be submitted along with other equipment/supply needs anticipated for the ensuing fiscal year. If approved by the Asst./Assoc. Dean, the request(s) will be forwarded to the Computer Advisory Committee for review. The committee will study all requests, rank order those they approve, and then submit its recommendations to the Asst. Dean for Administration. Computer Services will determine the associated personnel, maintenance and support costs for the new hardware/software and provide a report on these to the Assistant Dean for Administration. He will then develop a projected annual budget for computer hardware/software which will be considered for inclusion into the annual institutional budget.

All requests must be accompanied with written justification in order to be considered for inclusion in the budget. Only that which has been approved and included in the final operating budget of USC Sumter may be purchased (emergency exceptions may be considered by the Dean of the University).


Once the annual computer budget has been determined and approved, Computer Services may begin the procurement process for the hardware/software planned for the ensuing fiscal year. Purchase Requests will be handled in accord with University Purchasing Procedures.


The Computer Advisory Committee serves as an advisory committee to the Dean of the University. The committee helps determine the computer hardware/software needs of the institution through regular inventory reviews and by review of all purchase requests. It assists in the development of the annual computer budget for academic and administrative functions.