Policy Manual



Campus Emergency Contingency Plan

Policy #:


Authorized by:

Associate Dean for Administrative and Financial Services 04/27/98

Approved by:

Dean of the University 6/1/98

I. The Emergency Response Manual has been designed to provide a contingency plan for administrators at the University of South Carolina Sumter, in order to plan for campus emergencies. While the manual does not cover every conceivable situation, it does supply the basic administrative guidelines necessary to cope with most campus emergencies.

II. The Emergency Response Manual will be distributed to all faculty and staff employees of the University of South Carolina Sumter. It is the responsibility of the Office of the Associate Dean for Administrative and Financial Services to insure the distribution of this manual.

III. Types of emergencies covered by the Emergency Response Manual are:

    1. Fire (Fire Drills, see ADMN 302)

    2. Severe Weather

    3. Chemical Spills

    4. Earthquake

    5. Explosion

    6. Bomb Threat

    7. Civil disturbances or Demonstrations

    8. Utility Failure

    9. Violent or Criminal Behavior

    10. Medical and First Aid

    11. Media Relations

    12. Psychological Crisis

In addition there are sections on how to report all emergencies, building evacuations, and first aid instructions.

IV. Building Coordinators - The Emergency Response Manual refers to the responsibilities of the building coordinators. Each floor in every building must identify a person to be the building coordinator for that area. This person is responsible for coordinating the safe evacuation of that area and to conduct a headcount once everyone reaches the designated evacuation point.