Policy Manual



Signs, Announcements, Publicity Materials on Campus

Policy #:

ADMN 107

Authorized by:

Associate Dean for Administrative and Financial Services 04/29/98

Approved by:

Dean of the University 6/12/98


The publicizing of an event or program is a necessary part of insuring the success of that function. The University has designated suitable areas in all buildings for the purpose of providing a place for faculty, staff, student organizations and/or outside agencies to post their respective notices. The purpose of this set of procedures is to outline guidelines for the general posting and distribution of publicity material(s) as well as guidelines for the use of designated places on campus for the posting of said material(s).


  1. Announcements of general interest to faculty/staff/ and /or the student body of the University by academic units, University departments, or registered student organizations, are the only type material(s) permitted. Outside agencies must obtain special permission from the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Services.

  2. Publicity materials for campus events should not be posted or distributed until a USC Sumter Facility Reservation and Event Registration form has been completed and approved.

  3. All announcements will indicate the name of the University organization which is sponsoring the event.

  4. Publicity material(s) will be posted only on bulletin boards or other approved areas designated in this policy. Under no circumstances shall any publicity material be placed, written, or painted upon any surface (interior or exterior) including, but not limited to, trees or shrubs, poles, signs, doors, windows, walls, sidewalks (except for approved sidewalk chalk promotions), or other campus structures.

  5. The primary message advertising an event may not promote the consumption of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products.

  6. If the name of a non-University organization is to appear on any advertising material because of a co-sponsor relationship with a University organization, the content of the advertisement or promotion must clearly promote the event as its central message and the University organization's name must appear on the advertisement. The name, logo, slogan, or similar identifier of the non-University organization must not appear as the dominant message. This includes flyers, posters, newspaper ads, banners, table tents, as well as other similar advertising visuals.

  7. Student organizations will retain all publicity material(s) for a period of no less than 90 days. This material will be made available to the Director of Student Life upon request.

  8. The distribution of any publicity material(s) will be consistent with the orderly conduct of the University's affairs, the maintenance of University property, and the free flow of traffic and persons. Efforts must be made to avoid litter. Distribution by means of accosting individuals, hawking or shouting, is strictly prohibited.

  9. All publicity material(s) not covered by the specific guidelines set forth in this policy must be approved by the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Services at least two weeks prior to beginning advertising for the event.

  10. All publicity materials for posting off campus or in newspapers and/or radio ads, must be approved by the Director of Marketing and Public Relations.

  11. The person(s) or organization(s) posting an announcement have the responsibility to remove such materials after the advertised function has ended.

  12. Violations of this policy constitute violations of University policy and will be addressed through appropriate disciplinary channels.