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Associate Dean for Administrative and Financial Services 07/06/05

Approved by:

Dean of the University 07/06/05


This section is to set specific procedures for travel for personnel assigned to the Sumter Campus. Quoting from the appropriate section of the System Manual, “Travel for the purposes of this policy statement is deemed to be official travel while away from the University for the purpose of conducting the business of the University, attending professional meetings, special demonstration meetings, and other related meetings.” It is applicable to all regardless of the source of funds used for reimbursement.

Prior to travel, a faculty or staff member will submit a Travel Data Sheet through his department head to the appropriate Assistant/Associate Dean for approval. This form must be initiated so that it may receive all approvals and be received in the Business Office at least two weeks prior to initiating travel. In the event of an emergency, the Dean or an Assistant/Associate Dean must approve the travel. The administrative assistant in the Business Office is the coordinator for all official travel on the Sumter Campus and will assist in filling out the necessary forms. In all cases, an approved travel request will be secured before initiating travel. Failure to comply with this procedure will result in travel being uncompensated or compensation delayed. Keys and credit cards must be signed for by the user.

Vehicle log sheets must be completed by the user at the end of the use period. As a courtesy to other users, remove trash and insure that the vehicle has a minimum of one-half tank of fuel. A Check-list form is supplied with the keys for this purpose.

State regulations make it mandatory to wear seat belts whenever driving a State vehicle. Also, smoking is prohibited in all State vehicles.


All University vehicles will be parked when not in use either in the enclosed garage or in the area immediately adjoining and behind the Student Union Building. If a trip terminated during office hours, vehicle keys and credit cards will be returned to the accounting clerk. If a trip terminates after office hours, vehicle keys and credit cards will be returned to the mail slot in the door to the Maintenance Superintendent's office within the garage. There is a key to the garage door on each ring with vehicle keys. The vehicle will be left unlocked if left within the enclosed garage, or locked if parked outdoors. If a trip is to incept after office hours, the traveler will secure keys from the accounting clerk before the end of office hours.

For official travel to the Columbia Campus, this campus maintains parking spaces in the Pendleton Garage (spaces 529, 531, and 533). In any event, any problems with the vehicle should be reported to the Business Office at the earliest opportunity. Privately owned vehicles may not be parked in the campus garage. Also, University vehicles may not be parked at a private residence.


As a state agency, University vehicles assigned to this campus may be filled at any highway patrol garage facility or other location where state purchased gasoline is purveyed. Since the state contract price of gasoline is significantly less than that at commercially operated stations, every effort will be made to fill vehicles at a state operated facility. In the event a state operated facility is not available, every effort will be made to purchase gasoline at an Exxon or Texaco commercial station. In an emergency, there is a list of commercially operated stations that will accept the state credit card in each University vehicle. The state facility in the Sumter area is the highway patrol shop on East Calhoun Street. The Columbia Campus of the University maintains a motor pool where state purchased gasoline is available; if possible, individuals utilizing USC Sumter vehicles should fill their vehicles with gasoline at the USC motor pool prior to returning to Sumter.


Since State and University regulations concerning foreign travel are somewhat involved, your attention is invited to Section III, C2.03 of the System Manual.


University vehicles should not be taken beyond a radius of 500 miles of the City of Sumter. Travel beyond that distance will normally be made by economy class commercial air transportation. In the event that the traveler elects to travel by private vehicle, reimbursement will be limited to the lessor of the authorized mileage allowance or the cost of economy class air transportation.


Travel within the State of South Carolina will be by University vehicle if available. When using a state vehicle, the driver should make no stops for personal errands, even if the stop does not involve additional mileage.


A formal Travel Data Sheet will not be required of permanent employees for official travel within Sumter and the local vicinity. Prior to release of a vehicle to a student (and then only to an authorized student-employee), written approval of a faculty or staff member must be secured. Should all University vehicles be in use, then appropriate prior approval must be obtained for travel by private conveyance.


Travel reimbursement for faculty attending professional meetings, seminars and conventions will normally be granted for up to $400.00. Consideration for additional reimbursement will be given in those cases where the individual is a participant on the program, or where it is deemed that the trip is of special value to the institution.


Travel of this nature is separately considered (see System Manual, Section II, P1.02 - Recruitment of Academic Personnel.


The same procedures which pertain to the use of University vehicles also applies to the use of the University van with the following exceptions:

1. Since arrangements must be made to secure authorized drivers, an approved request for usage of the van must be received by the accounting clerk seven working days prior to the scheduled date of the activity.

2. Unless specific permission is granted, the use of the van is to be confined to in-state travel. All requests for inter-state travel must be reviewed and approved by the Associate Dean for Administrative and Financial Services.

3. The drinking of alcoholic beverages and smoking on the van is prohibited. Transporting of propane bottles/cylinders, gasoline or any other combustible fluids or gases on the vehicle is prohibited.

4. Care should be exercised by all to maintain the quality of the vehicle.

5. Appropriate faculty/staff supervision must be provided for all activities involving student use of the van.