Policy Manual



Enrollment Process for Special Undergraduate Contract Courses

Policy #:


Authorized by:

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs - 7/19/95

Approved by:

Dean of the University - 7/19/95

  1. The Local High School Contact Person ("Contact") will obtain application/registration forms from USC Sumter's High School Contract Coordinator ("Coordinator") in the Records Office.

  2. The Contact will require each student to complete an application/registration form. (Note: No application fee is required. Each student's full legal name and social security number must be included on the application form.) Students should be informed that all courses will count for college credit and will be recorded on college transcripts.

  3. By the Wednesday following regular registration, the Contact should submit completed application/registration forms to the Coordinator.

  4. The Coordinator will process the application/registration forms and produce bills for students enrolled in contract courses.

  5. The Coordinator will send class rolls to local Contacts who are responsible for verifying the accuracy of all class rolls. Inconsistencies should be reported to the Coordinator immediately. If changes occur in a student's enrollment during the duration of the course, the Contact will notify the Coordinator immediately.

  6. Prior to the second Friday after regular registration, the Coordinator will distribute individual bills with a copy of class rolls, alphabetized by school/district, to the Business Office.

  7. The Business Office will invoice each high school/district for students enrolled in contract courses. The rate for USC Sumter generated courses is two-thirds of the normal tuition per student if USC Sumter pays the instructor, or one-half of the normal tuition if the school/district pays the instructor. Fees for courses generated by USC Columbia (example: Psychology 101) are set by USC Columbia.

  8. The Office of Continuing Education will be responsible for completing the following tasks:Division Chairs will be responsible for the following tasks:

    1. Contacting Division Heads, Principals and other campus offices about desired contract courses, actual course offerings, and room availability.

    2. Working with Division Heads to obtain approval for faculty to teach requested courses.

    3. Providing a completed, signed copy of the contract to the Office of Financial Services at USC Columbia and to the Business Office at USC Sumter by the Tuesday before regular registration.

    4. Generating contracts and cover letters for distribution to appropriate schools/districts along with copy of policy at least two months prior to regular registration.

    5. Scheduling all high school contract classes on campus.

    6. Insuring that every instructor is provided a copy of the USC Sumter Part Time Faculty Manual.

    7. Distributing, administering, and collecting student evaluations of instructors; and transmitting them to the appropriate Division Chairs.

    8. Providing relevant course and instructor data to the offices of the appropriate Division Chairs for entry into the IMS and RBase course records.

    9. Collecting copies of syllabi and final exams from each instructor and transmitting them to the appropriate Division Chairs.

    10. Distributing and collecting copies of grade sheets, and transmitting them to the appropriate Division Chairs.

  9. Division Chairs will be responsible for the following tasks:

    1. Obtaining approval for faculty to teach requested courses.

    2. Insuring that faculty teaching requested courses are informed of their responsibilities as instructors and as representatives of USC Sumter.

    3. Assembling student evaluation packets for each instructor, and providing them to the Office of Continuing Education.

    4. Receiving completed student evaluation forms from the Office of Continuing Education, processing them in accordance with procedures for those USC Sumter special faculty, and distributing them to the appropriate instructors.

    5. Maintaining contact with instructors in accordance with procedures appropriate to each discipline and course.

    6. Entering course and instructor data in IMS and RBase course records.

    7. Maintaining records on instructors in accordance with procedures governing USC Sumter special faculty.