Policy Manual



Outside and Dual Employment

Policy #:


Authorized by:

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs - 7/1/91

Approved by:

Dean of the University - 7/1/91

The purpose of this section is to publish the University's position that will underlie the revision of these sections, when published.

1. Outside Employment (Employment Outside of State Government)

The position of the University is that all full-time employees (including nine-month faculty) must secure approval of the Dean of the University in advance of engaging in any outside employment, whether such be during the regular academic year or during a summer period.  The primary purpose of this policy is to ensure that any such outside employment is not of a nature that would cause embarrassment to the University.  The University takes the position that while nine-month faculty may not be on duty during the summer, they are nevertheless employees with continued fringe and other benefits and are subject to this rule.

2. Dual Employment (Employment by Other State Agency or Extra-Contractual Employment with Primary State Agency)

The existing policy states that full-time employees (nine-month faculty) may earn up to an additional 30 percent of nine-month salary during a fiscal year (including summer).  There is no restriction which prohibits a faculty member from earning 30 percent during a summer.  However, the established rate of teaching in one summer session is 15 percent of nine-month salary.  Permission to teach in both summer sessions is discouraged by the University administration, and a special waiver is required.  The criterion for granting such waiver is generally that it is to meet a need of the University rather than a need of an individual faculty member.

Requests for either Outside or Dual Employment should be made to Division Heads and processed through normal academic channels to the Dean of the University.