Policy Manual



Absence from Class/Compensation for Replacemet

Policy #:


Authorized by:

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs - 7/19/95

Approved by:

Dean of the University - 7/19/95

In the event that a faculty member (either regular or special) is to be absent from a class due to illness or injury, or for personal reasons, the division chair will seek a replacement instructor, with the concurrence of the absent faculty member, to teach the classes that are missed. The absent faculty member will communicate to the replacement instructor directly or via the division chair the material the replacement instructor is to cover.

Replacement instructors engaged under this policy will be compensated according to the following formula:

P = R * O

Where P is the compensation to be received, R is the ratio of the number of class meetings taught by the replacement instructor to the total

number of meetings of the course


O is the overload pay rate for teaching the course (if the replacement instructor is a member of the regular faculty) or the appropriate special faculty rate (if the replacement instructor is special faculty).

The compensation policy goes into effect only when the replacement instructor has taught the class seven calendar days for a 16-week course; one class meeting for an 8-week course; two class meetings for a summer (5 week) course.