Policy Manual



Team Teaching

Policy #:


Authorized by:

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs - 1/15/96

Approved by:

Dean of the University - 1/15/96

Since team teaching means working with others and often creates an enhanced classroom environment or novel course content, it offers the potential for significant personal and professional growth and development for teachers and for broader educational experiences for students. Therefore, it is encouraged whenever appropriate.

In recognition of the necessary overlap of duties among those who are team teaching, the standard compensation is two-thirds of the standard faculty above load salary for each regular faculty member when two faculty team teach a course, and one-half of the standard faculty above load salary when three regular faculty team teach together. Special faculty who participate in team teaching will be compensated at two-thirds or one-half the appropriate special faculty rate, respectively.

In some cases a team-taught course may not involve an equal sharing of the work load. In such cases, the Division Chair, in consultation with the faculty members and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, will suggest a special allocation of above load pay. (For example, one faculty may have this work as part of his/her regular teaching load while the other may get above load for his/her participation. Also, it might be possible for one faculty member to receive three hours above load and the other only one hour above load pay).

In keeping with other policies, these salaries have to be justified by sufficient enrollment in the team-taught class.