Policy Manual



Third Year Review Guidelines (Tenure-track Faculty)

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Authorized by:

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs date 11/20/03

Approved by:

Dean of the University date 01/28/04

The purpose of ACAD109A is to specify the procedures used on the USC Sumter Campus for third-year review of tenure track faculty. ACAD109A also applies to librarians who have status as members of the faculty.

ACAD109A is to be read in conjunction with other University-wide policies and procedures and the policies and procedures of the Regional Campuses office. It is intended to further specify these procedures. Any conflicts with these other procedures will be resolved in favor of the other procedures. In particular, the following sections of the Faculty Manual: Regional and Continuing Education (RCFM) have precedence over this document:

  • Criteria for Tenure and Promotion

  • Third Year Review

  • Tenure and Promotion Procedures for Regional Campuses

  • Appendix V: Flow Chart of Regional Campuses Tenure and Promotion Procedure

  • Appendix VI: Guidelines for Effective Teaching

In addition, attention is called to the following statements of the Association of University Professors included in the Regional Campuses Faculty Manual:

  • Appendix VII: Academic Freedom and Tenure

  • Appendix X: Statement on Procedural Standards in the Renewal or Nonrenewal of Faculty Appointments

Applicants for promotion and/or tenure should be sure to read the RCFM carefully as it contains important information about policy and procedure. Further details are found in ACAD 109.

Tenure-track members of the faculty receive a review of progress toward tenure during their third year in the tenure track. The review follows the schedule and procedures of a normal tenure review with the exceptions noted here. The purposes of the review are 1) to be sure that the faculty member is making satisfactory progress toward tenure; 2) to make appropriate assistance available to faculty members who are not making satisfactory progress toward tenure; and 3) to be sure the faculty member is familiar with the tenure process of the University of South Carolina.


1. The box score form differs from the tenure box score form in having only three performance levels and an option of "N". A score of "1" is used to indicate satisfactory activity and to advise the faculty member to continue development. A score of "2" is used to indicate that some activity has been demonstrated, but that enhanced development is needed. A score of "3" is used to indicate that marginal progress has been demonstrated and that significant development is needed. A score of "N" is used to indicate that no documentation has been included for activity in this category.

2. At the conclusion of the process, but by December 15, faculty members under review receive the summary tally of the voting of the Committee and copies of the individual justifications (comments).

3. At the conclusion of the review, the Dean of the University writes the faculty member a letter describing the outcome of the review and meets personally with the faculty member to discuss progress toward tenure. This meeting normally occurs during January of the review year.

4. The tenure progress file with a copy of the composite box-score form and copies of the typed justifications (comments) is returned to the candidate after the conference with the Dean. A copy of the file with all evaluation letters and ballots must be retained in the faculty member's personnel file in the Dean's office. Documenting material is returned to the candidate.